Poèmes Personnels – Poem on our own

La Troisième étape de ces ateliers de poésie Anglaise était, pour les élèves, de créer un poème personnel …. et voilà les résultats !

Mme Charif


The third step of the English Poetry Workshop was to create a poem on a personal subject and write freely … Here are the results !

Mrs Charif


An open Book

I’m an open book written in a foreign language.

I’m an open book but everybody does not read the same.

For a long time I believed that finally you had deciphered it.

For a long time I repeat:

“You are much more than an essential part of my happiness” before it all end

Then I was depressed

In fact that does not surprised me I expected it

Because without you I almost don’t exist anymore

As I always say friends are part of it as I want but you,

With you it is different.

I was told that it is difficult to part from you,

And especially to replace you.
You fascinated me like a devil bewitching his prey

I’m glad I haven’t given up to it.
You aimed to be my mistress, free of any resistance

Know that the limit of my freedom is the beginning of mine!

Your freedom has an equal only mine!

It’s sad but that does not amaze me

It’s sad but it’s better like that.
Because what matters today is not what I am

What matters today it is what I am not,

A convict in your hands,

A dust in your heart.

by Gandalf the Cyclope

And You

I was an innocent child

I loved flowers, movies and kids

I was like a rose

A red rose

Without thorns

And you

You came into my life

Such as a dagger in my heart

And my fear increased

My hope died

And my love cried

I was as a wave

Which slept in a sea

I was as a cloud

Which slept in a sky

Without worry

And you

You killed this tranquillity

Such as a professional killer

You made me a victim

Of this impossible love

Of this eternal love

I was as the wind

Which caressed your skin

 Slowly, slowly you slept

And I enjoyed looking at you

Seeing your smile, was my mirage

And you

As a hail, you showed me that love is your earth

And you

As a slap, you showed me that I m your cheek

And you

As a liar, you tell me that you loved me

By I’m your muse


Tear the night coat

Tear it and unveil you

Unveil you and show your colors

Show them and surprises me

Fill me with wonder

That my eyes are eager for you

Clear this dark sky, spread your beauty

It’s time, I’m waiting for you

Make me shiver

Breathe on me your light wind

That your cool breeze revives the beatings of my heart

That your cool breeze takes all my misfortunes

Caress with your warm hand my bruised soul

O Sun! Rise and shine

Unseat the moon in agony

She, who in vain tried to seduce me

Take your place and wake up the nature

Fill me with drunkenness

Take your place and wake up the town

Take them out as me of their pointless attachments

By Light in the Shadow


Poem : Obscure

Everyone knows light

Something that shines bright

Even in the dark

There will be a sign of hope

Then take that chance to catch the rope

In the late night in the park

The darkness covers everything

And you can hear the swing sets swing

Where the little girl is crying

You can hear a plane flying

Suddenly the silence emerges

The purges of the darkness

By iRoniK

Love deception

White flowers become red when hearts bleed

When love goes away, when wrong reigns

When “leave me alone” take the place of “I love you”

From joy to sadness

From love to hatred

My earth is on flame and chains are broken

The Hell is a cake without cherry

Love is a poison that I don’t want to taste again

If you feel alone, that means I’m not around you

I’m not the perfect man, no

But not also the bloody that they are talking about

I’ve my defaults and my qualities too

I’m powerless in front of your tears which flow

I know that you’re asking you if our love is true

We collected sadness, but we strew joy

At the beginning, it was beautiful

But now your heart is bleeding

In spite of my absences you stay my queen

I came in the world to love you

By Heaven Darling



My lovely dear,

You with whom I shared

Two beautiful years already

Soon we gonna be separated

Separated for life

I hope in one way,

To be far away from you

I know it’s difficult

But staying is failing

And we know that

Staying together is impossible

Like the love between the sun and the moon

This way

All the memories I keep

Gonna stay

In my mind

In my heart

In my soul

All the laugh we shared

Will continue echoing unceasingly

Because all the moments are precious

All the love we shared

Will continue to blossom

Because time passes and this love is fixed

Fixed in time

I want to tell you all

All of me

All I feel for you

All of the best you brought to me

Thanks to you

I spent great moments

Thanks to you

I am happy

Thanks to you

I will be graduated

Just to tell you

That I hope you will forgive me for this separation

Because you were the best class in my life

And that I will never forget you

by Miss CoCo Pasquiolita/Unicornisca



Cause my years with you were unforgettable

Love you