Cadavre Exquis – Surrealist poems

Voici des exemples de poèmes écrits par les élèves de terminales, lors des deux semaines d’ateliers Poésie Anglaise (du 6 au 17 février 2017) selon la méthode surréaliste du cadavre exquis: chaque élèves écrit à tour de rôle un vers sans savoir ce qu’a écrit la personne précédente…. ces poèmes originaux créent parfois des surprises !


Here are some of the poems created by the students of Terminales during the 2 weeks of the English Poetry Workshop, from the 6th to the 17th of February 2017

A « cadavre exquis » is a poem made by a group, each member having to write a line without knowing what the previous person has written…. giving birth to strange, funny and from time to time beautiful poems.


Poem number 3

Can I ask you what you want to me?

But I just want to chew your chewing gum

I’m shining like a star in a dark night

Call me by my name ‘Rosa

To end the war caused by pain

I want to live in my own home

Girl with curly hair are so so beautiful

Can I become what I want? Can I choose?

I enjoyed your company

Why are you ugly?

I believe, I believe, I believe in you

If we stay in Paris

Hello from the other side

Oh my dear Suzanne

It’s over, I guess


Poem number 4

Your imperfections for me are perfect

I love you Suzanne

We can’t accept it anymore

Pull me closer as you did before on our good days

I trusted him, but he cheated on me

Clap my hand is my desire

So many people just trying to touch, to touch your soul, but I’m the only one who can

Appearances are sometimes misleading

No matter where you are, or where you with, I love you Damon

Hate and love, we cannot separate them, they’re in the same house

I wish your success

I like playing

Roses are not roses


Poem number 9

Forever we will shout your name when my soul will cry

Like a beautiful sunset

The most beautiful life is when we are single

I’m singing in the rain

Whatever they think, it will always be your choice

Hairdresser are against nature

The man is like a kiss

I love you

I need love, I need time

You are the spring of my life

A little chaos

Lonely, you’re still lonely

Big nose, you said?

So dear, you will forever stay in my heart


Poem number 12

I hate you so much, I hate you

Wherever you go, I’ll be looking for you

All things go in this world

Look at me and I see you

If I were a boy

Baby me and you, I’m perfect too

You’ve got the word which could change on nation

I want to be a superhero

We are walking on the fever

Music is all ofme

I love you today, I will love you tomorrow

My life is like a wake in your heart

I don’t like when people are making too much noise for nothing


Poem number 24

The future doesn’t seem pink

Love does not shout, it proves to itself

I’m not stupid

Shut up and let me go

When I look outside my window

I see chocolate

You have no rival

Pink is a beautiful color

Don’t be afraid

I love you ….no I’m kidding


Poem number 25

I love dream

The world needs love

When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change

What a beautiful name It is

The students folded the papers

The end