10 mn pour un poème – Fast Writing

Peut-on écrire un poème en 10 mn ? 

Les élèves de Terminales l’on fait, par deux fois, sur des thématiques variées !

En voici des extraits :

Pourrez-vous deviner à qui nous les devons?


Is it possible to write a poem in 10 mn?

The students of Terminales did it on varied subjects!

Here are some of them:

Could you guess who wrote them?


The only thing I know is

I don’t know what to say

 Because I don’t know how I feel

Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes sad

I keep smiling because I just know that

Sometimes I just pray

Because it puts me away from everything


by Realisticgyal


I can’t

I can’t be happy

My life is a lie

I am like the others want

I want to be myself but I can’t


The others watch me like a star

But I am just a girl who sings because she is sad

But they don’t understand that

They think that my life is great, incredible, wonderful

But it is just painful


by Boubou-Cookie


When I’m looking through his eyes

I fell like I’m diving

He’s all I want and all I need

He make me whole and makes my life complete

When he’s here, all my body reacts

He’s my reason to live

When he’s here, I no longer breathe

He could die for me, he already did

He makes me whole and makes my life complete

He’s the alpha and omega, he’s watching over my life

The one who will try to take me down

Will pay the biggest price


by Shelter

My feelings are often confused

I think that I don’t know me

But I know that I like me

Sometimes I doubt of me

But I know that I love you

You are my queen

Ho you’re my little thing

Your accessories are so sweet

I am happy when I see you

And when I touch you


by Maickinny Valentine’s

Who is like you?

Nobody can take your place

Your presence everyday around me brings me peace

Your faithfulness makes me feel good

I just want to be with you everyday

I just want to get my happiness on you

You were my only friend in difficult moments


by Heaven Darling

To my M.


It started in another country

This small feeling I had for you

Now without your presence I don’t feel free

And I know that you feel this too

Your lovely face

Your female body

Your charming personality

Drive me as the happiest of the men

There were several difficult moments

Despite our own attachments

But after this infuriation

Our union had more passion

I don’t care about what the other say

I prefer listening to my heart

So I will never leave you alone

And I hope that one day

Whenever in this world

When I’ll ask for your hand

You will say “yes”


by My D